1st XI - Return of the Team 

Colony Exhibition - Halpern Gallery, Chatham

October 2020



Visitor feedback




“Fantastic exhibition.  Thought provoking Awesome artists thank you” Angela Turner


“Can’t take my eyes off any of these works Amazing works thank you” Meenatchi Gopal


“Always an absolute delight to see Colony’s exhibition - wonderful paintings displayed in this time as well . All the best” Selin George





“Really enjoyed the fabulous art in this exhibition” Sian


“Gorgeous art” Cerys


“Wonderful pieces” Noeleen


“A lovely experience. Thank you”


“Amazing capture of the light” Ken Hopper


“What a treat!  Very enjoyable”


“Fantastic to see such variety.  We really enjoyed the exhibition.   Special thanks to Bronach for talking to us about the process behind her work” Malcolm


“Great to see a fantastic range of pieces”


“Nice to meet you Bronach.  Thank you so much for sharing our knowledge of the art and culture of Medway.  Kind regards” Camilla and Oliver


“Great exhibition wonderful to see a collection from local talent showing such variety” Kat & Chris


“Great variety of work – lovely to see” Sally & Brian


“Delicate, deceptive and evocative.  Overall a very calming experience, thoroughly enjoyable”


“I really enjoyed seeing the different way and techniques of art.  It was wonderful to see all the art in its different facilities.   I was really impressed by the piece of art by Fiona spirals with the moon It touched my heart in a way I can’t really express” Amelie (German art student)


“Wonderful selection of work.   Inspiring in these times of Covid to see that creativity cannot be stilled.  Thanks” Linda Russell, John and Amelie




“Great exhibition.  The mixture of styles is really interesting”


“Another cracking show – always fresh and exciting and providing the audience with some much-needed art therapy.  Well done Colony Artists!!” Zoe


“Fabulous exhibition – so great to be in an actual space.  Thank you, Colony artists” Sarah & Iris,


“Great room, fantastic work.  Good luck” Karen Glykys


“Lots of work which is great to look at - colour and design”





“Very thought-provoking and peaceful exhibition.  Excellent work” Luna Zsigo


“Really enjoyed seeing all your art” Caroline


Fantastic mornings viewing.  Thank you!” Elizabeth


Good work!  Loved it” Jason


“Wonderful exhibition.  So full of colour and vibrancy” Sue Elvin


“Fantastic high quality and creative works, thank you “Leah Schofield


“Wonderful” Terry


“Great exhibition – so much variety and inspiration” Gill P


“Fantastic as always guys.   Love it!” Nick A


“Fantastic show.   Bronach I seriously love your work” Sofia


“Gorgeous “





“Lovely!  Thank you, beautiful work” Liz & Andrew


“Lovely show – colourful vibrant, interesting”


“This is an amazing exhibition.  Thank you” Claire T


“Lovely work and varied” Mick


“Amazing exhibition of the Colony – quality, variety and media.  Fabulous”


“Very interesting and thought-provoking displays”


“Stunning stuff! Really enjoyed my viewing” Lesley


“The best exhibition I have seen here.   Colony are a cut above anything coming our of contemporary Medway” Anna Morrell


“Fabulous” Karen Hammerton


“Have you heard of Simon Mills? Have you heard of Philip Richardson?  Go and look at their art, because they are absolutely bloody brilliant.  I could get absolutely lost in their forests. In fact, I did” Anna Morrell via FB


“Go and see colony’s latest exhibition at Nucleus in Chatham.  Sensual, thoughtful, powerful art” Anna Morrell via FB





“Great stuff!” Wendy


“Wonderful” Tim Goddard – all the way from Gravesend





“A wonderful collection from local talent! Amazing variety form the entire collective Thank you” Jude


“Great selection of work “Martin Tushingham


“Wonderful show!  Great to see some real not virtual art”


“Lovely quality exhibition – such variety.  So much interesting work – really enjoyed it” John


“Lovely and v interesting!” Sophie


“Lovely stuff.   Everything is so appealing Fantastic work!”  Simon Evans


“Restored and relaxed.  Thank you” Steve


“Beautiful work!”


“Wonderful – every piece of work gives back”


“Lovely collection.  Always worth a visit.  Keep up the good work” Stuart


“Brilliant exhibition, fantastic variety of inspired work” Luke Bailey


“Great show” Fiona Watt


  “Particularly loved the stunning wild woman in the greenery.  Beautiful work” Catherine


“All stunning” Lily


“Great exhibition. Hope to see more work form each artist” Aidan Hehir


“Many great items of work.   Vern impressive” Lloyd


“Love it.   Lots of cohesion and quality – really complimentary work Thanks”


“Excellent work – in particular Laura and Anne”


“Thank you for this lovely exhibition. Variety and style!”


“Very interesting beautiful work.  Especially good to chat with the artists of the work.  Fab”


“Great exhibition – so glad we came to see it (and thank you for letting us in despite being late!)  will def check you all online now that I have discovered you” Kate




“Wonderful diversity of work, ideas and creativity Well done – thank you for showing and keep going. All the best” Peter & Frances


“Very uplifting in difficult times” Gill Woodhams





“Very interesting” Carol & Carolyn


“Wonderful collection of colours.  Loved it Thanks” Yvonne & Keith


“Fabulous show as always.   Well done Colony” Debbie S


Total number of visitors 220+ (Approx).