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Bill Lewis

Bill is a Poet, Author and Visual Artist.  He was a founder member of The Medway Poets and is also one of the 13 founder members of The Stuckists: A group of painters who championed painting and figurative art at the turn of the century and later spearheaded an international art movement.  Bill has exhibited his paintings in France, Germany, Spain and North America, in galleries such as the Walker Gallery, Liverpool and the Musée Adzak, Paris.  He was Keynote speaker at the 'Triumph of Stuckism' Symposium at the John Moores University, Liverpool.  Bill’s painting style has been described as ‘Magical Realist’ and his pictures are rich with symbolic and vivid imagery.
 In 1985 Bill was Writer-In-Residence at the Brighton Festival and was the winner of the Medway Culture and Design Award for Literature 2012. He is the author of 25 books and he has performed his poetry in the USA, Nicaragua, Spain, Germany and France as well as his native UK, in many prestigious venues including the ICA, London, the Cambridge International Poetry Festival and the Universities of Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut.  Bill has also performed on BBC television and on the radio in the UK, USA, Australia and El Salvador, some of his work has been translated into French, Spanish, German and Farsi.

Bill's work has been reviewed in the Remodern Review by Richard Bledsoe.