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Colony - Privacy Policy

Since the GDPR implementation, everyone needs to be concerned about how personal data is stored and used. 

Personal data we collect

If you contact us and/or subscribe to our mailing list, we will collect some or all of the following: your name and your email address so we can communicate with you.  If you want to know how that fits in technically with GDPR then it means we have a legitimate interest in that data in order for us share information such as Exhibition details and other events, sales etc.

How that data is collected and kept

By completing this form or visitors' books you give that information to us. If you use the contact form on this website then we get an email delivered to our email address and that shows your email address, it does not, however, immediately store your address in any contact list until we contact you through it. 
We do not currently run an automated email service, nor keep any cookie data. The website is secure (https://) behind a firewall and hosted by Wix, so things posted through the contact form are secure.

Your rights to confirm things, access them, rectify them and ask for them to be removed

If you want to know about how any of your personal data is handled then get in touch and we will let you know. We are happy to discuss how the data we have on you which will only be the information that you have sent to us is used. If any of the information is wrong then you have the right to have it corrected, which is good for both of us because we would rather be communicating with the Joe Bloggs that we think we are contacting rather than some other Joe Bloggs on the other side of the planet. If you want all your personal data deleted then you can request it, and we will do it.​

What we will do, and not do, with your personal data

We will use it responsibly. Contact us about something and we will get back to you by email. We will not pass your email on to anyone else.
However if you are or have been a client of any of members of the group, have bought art work in the past and/or dropped your email on a visitors book at an event or exhibitions, you may get the occasional invite to upcoming exhibitions/events. If you don't want that, then just ask and we will remove you from the address list (see above).

​Face-based data

As far as this concerns us (and you in this instance), this means a photograph taken by a member of the group, or someone at the event, of your face.  The rules from the EU haven't been too clear about what this means for photographers except that they need to demonstrate reasonable and legitimate use.  It means that if you are at a Colony event then you maybe photographed and we will have your face-based data - an image of you. What it doesn't mean is that we are going to sell that image to any other person, company, or organisation. If we are approached by another body to buy/use a photograph with you in it (and we have your contact details) then we will contact you before sharing.

If you are at a Colony event then there will likely be other people there who may also photograph the event. Now, it's reasonable to expect a photographer (or ten) at an event so turning up at one kind of says you're accepting the fact that you'll likely to be in a photo at some point and that if anyone really, really does object then to they should let themselves be known to a member of the group.

Colony like to show their events on Facebook, Instagram etc, and their webpage as this is good for advertising and promoting what we do.  If your image is used in a way that you are not happy with contact us and we will remove it immediately.

​Basically the GDPR rules mean that we have got to be reasonable and fair in our use of your personal data we confirm here that we will not abuse the trust you have given us by passing that data to us.