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Laura Fisher

 Instagram @laurafisherfoto

Laura’s interests lie in the mundane and ordinary, things that are largely taken for granted and go unnoticed. She seeks the beauty in all mundane things, looking at the ordinary from her own unique perspective.

Laura’s working practice focuses on documentary photography, the archive, 'the everyday', collecting, typography and typology. Compositionally she is drawn to shape, form, patterns and design.

She photographs mainly in black and white.  She favours the timeless quality it gives to her work and the way it adds texture and tone to the subject matter.

Repetition and order are elements Laura strongly identifies with. The ‘everyday' lends itself to typology. The use of typology is of significant interest to her. It is the means of producing a body of work, which through the use of repetition, can have an impact, dominate a space and create a memorable visual piece.